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> PTE 2012 Vienna: a collective approach to aviation security and border management

Jean Salomon did co-chair the one day session on Border Control and Security Challenges during the PTE 2012, on April 19, in Vienna .

> ICAO Symposium 2010 Montreal: ABC challenges and opportunities

Jean Salomon was an invited speaker at ICAO's 6th MRTD Symposium on:
"Automated Border Clearance: Challenges and Opportunities", on November 4, 2010 in Montreal.

> A new exclusive video interview on emerging trends in Automated Border Clearance

A 12 minute video interview of Jean Salomon by Philip Stoten on emerging trends in automated border clearance, during Wisemedia's 2010 ID World Conference on November 16-18, 2010 in Milan, where he acted both as moderator and panelist.

> A new exclusive video interview on border security, social networks, imposters and look-alikes

A 10 minute video interview of Jean Salomon by Philip Stoten on ID management challenges involving Biometrics, social networks and impersonation, during Wisemedia's ID World EMEA in Abu Dhabi on May 3-4, 2010, where he was both a speaker and moderator.

> Secure Document World SDW 2010 London

Jean Salomon spoke about "using and abusing MRTDs: risk factors at the border" at the 2010 Secure Document Word (SDW) event in London on February 9, 2010.

> An innovative in-depth view on streamlining baggage transfers

Passenger Terminal Today

A promising view of baggage handling and security improvements: there might be a way to use proven existing medical imaging technology to streamline baggage handling processes, especially at transfer hubs.



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