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Custom Services

Main services offered by JSCP parallel Jean Salomon's prior successful assignments, and cover:

  • Customized, in-depth market and technology research
  • Executive support to high-level strategy and technology decision-making
  • Practical implementation of “return-to-profit” strategy, as embedded member in expert Client team
  • Corporate audits, due diligences, acquisition negotiations
  • Turn-around management
  • Specific problem-solving requests
    • RFP preparation
    • Optimizing procurement and contract negotiations
    • Project management, benchmarking, assessment of process performance, flow redesign, a.s.o.
    • Please contact us directly for any specific request, from here.

JSCP's effectiveness is best documented by its proven track record in steadily enhancing branding, product and solution differentiation, creating value added services and restoring Customer profitability.



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